Residential Lot Surveys

Residential Lot Survey

For the residential developer, we offer many years of experience dealing with several planning departments in Northwest Florida. Preparing and recording your final subdivision plat is a specialty of ours. We realize the critical importance of this “closing” act after months of planning and development of your project. Overall, we will do whatever it takes to meet your timelines with exactness, so your project can continue to progress according to your plans.

For the majority of landowners, the need to engage the services of a professional land surveyor may only arise once or twice in a lifetime. At Rare Earth, Inc. we gladly welcome the opportunity to help in this instance by educating the landowner in the several processes that may be involved. This would mainly include boundary surveys, minor subdivisions, and elevation certificates.

When it comes to residential surveys, hiring a professional land surveyor can help identify encroachments, utility easements, and other issues that could affect the use and enjoyment of your property. When we conduct residential surveys, we take special care to ensure the data we collect is accurate and reliable.

For residential surveying capabilities backed by integrity, honesty, and a commitment to your operations, you need our team at Rare Earth, Inc. on your side. Contact us online today or call at (850) 729-2722 to receive further information about our options for residential surveys.